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About 89ROSES

Hi! I'm Nikki!

Over the last few years, I was inspired to create a home clear of clutter, free from stress and a space you could tidy up within 5 minutes. It's worked well for my family, and it was time I used my skills to help others. Working full time, with two small kids, a busy sports schedule and helping run a family business, brought a need for organization. The more I researched these topics and talked with friends and family, the more convinced I became that most of us are overwhelmed by storing and taking care of stuff. I also have a passion for making over any room and giving the space a "refresh". My goal is to help others find comfort and peace in their own homes. 

I specialize in:

 -decluttering rooms with compassion 

-organizing each space to fit your everyday needs

-refreshing a room with ideas of paint colors and decor 

-new home furniture placement and organizing your new space

-decorating your home or office space for the holidays

I opened up 89ROSES with the vision to help others get organized, customize their space, and help simplify lives.  89ROSES was named in honor of my grandmother, Rose, who inspired me to follow my dreams. Her family cherished the 89 years she was here on earth. 

With her strength and my determination, along with my family and friends' encouragement, I opened 89ROSES.
I have lived in the Seattle area all my life and I am proud to be locally owned and operated. 

I'm looking forward to helping you with your home design and organizational needs!

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